Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Finally an account on the web for the social bug: KotakJiFi

As usual it was time for another exciting Indiblogger meet..and everyone was excited about it..what was new and unusual this time though was that it was a 3-city meet: a first in the history of Indiblogger..with a feeling of anxiety as well as excitement as to what to expect at d meet, we entered the venue along with my blogger friends Megha, Aditi and Ashwin and a couple of new faces who became friends in not much time Anchit Sethia and Keyur Seth..

The place was admittedly a bit different from other we reached, the ever smiling Swati and Vineet from Indiblogger team greeted us..we registered our indi -IDs and thus entered a well- setup Cafe-Zoe by the KotakMahindra JiFi team and Indiblogger..if drinking free booze and getting prizes for clicking the selfies along with interacting with bloggers from different cities was not enough, we just couldn't believe our luck when Anup, our host for the afternoon, mentioned the name of the special guest for the evening: Mr. Chetan first we thought he was joking..but then all of a sudden, the great writer emerged from the cafe's enterence and mesmerized one and all!!
Then began what we were truly here for: understanding what Jifi is..Chetan explained that Jifi is nothing but an adaptation of the English word: "Jiffy" which means in a hurry, as also similar to the word WiFi..It is a web- based application that is for young users and also the people young at heart..JiFi is a unique first of its kind revolutionary banking system introduced by Kotak that allows users to open their Kotak Mahindra accounts online,add their friends, earn reward or loyalty points based on the likes or comments on their accounts, earn cashback on sites like and much also saves time and is a great initiative to the youth which spends most of its time online on sites like Facebook, twitter etc..In addition to this their was even a question answer round where FAQs related to usage of jifi accounts were solved by the JiFi team..and special thanks to them in patiently dealing and expertly solving everyones queries not just on-location but even from cities like Delhi and Bangalore..
Finally the event ended on a great note as lots of exciting goodies were given for best 'selfies' and tweets on the topic of Social Banking..Kotakjifi is really thoughtful about how the modern socialite operates banking and has done a great job in envisioning the future of banking over the web..Kudos!!