Sunday, 19 October 2014

Diwali dil se!

Diwali is my favorite festival of the year due to a number of reasons : First being it that time of the year when the weather is at its best- Not too rainy, neither hot, nor that chilled as well (at least in Aamchi Mumbai!).It is also time of the year when we get to savor the choicest of dishes! For me the best part of Diwali is that I get those 3-4 days away from professional commitments (what a relief it is!) Even better, I get to spend these most leisurely days of my life with the most important people- my family! As far across as my memory goes, we always had great outings during Diwali to various places like Rajasthan, Kerala but the most memorable Diwali for me has to be the Diwali celebrations of last year when we decided that this year we will celebrate Diwali in a unique style – Inviting all our relatives and throwing a huge party at my place! We decided to plan everything to perfection- right from the decoration to making the best Diwali sweets at home. To plan it to perfection, we also hired a popular DJ. We rolled out an itenary to the invitees about the celebrations as we had planned to make it really grand! The itenary includes games for the kids like Coin from flour, shooting the balloons etc. as well as for the elder crowd we had a singing and Dance completion lined up. The main activity was Fashion Show, which we had planned towards the Grand Finale of the evening! Dress code for the evening was strictly traditional.
It was a night of excitement as everyone was dressed in their best traditional clothes for the evening. The house was sparkling like a palace with Diyas arranged in a perfect way throughout the house. My whole family came together and cheered the hosts for the evening- My parents. They played the perfect hosts and kept the audience in splits with their great sense of humor. This was followed by a grand dinner organized by us which had cuisines of different countries brought together in one buffet. And cold-drink is synonymous with Pepsi in our country. As everyone is fond of them, we had ordered large number of Pepsi cans for the event.However, the audience was so fond of them that the cans got over in less than an hour.
The best part about this entire celebration was that it was to be done in an eco-friendly way without burning a single cracker also. Watch Gharwali Diwali the film :

Now 3 times more immunity to house's happiness!!

Children are the soul of any home. Their laughter, chirps make the home come alive. Imagine how dull life would be if your son/ younger brothers/sisters were bedridden most of the time. It would certainly dampen the atmosphere at the home, wouldn't it!
In these times of ultra-high pollution and viruses spreading all over, what our kids need is a dose of fresh air, a life of relief from those morale- dampening diseases that would cut short their enjoyable childhood days. And what better way to do it, than having two spoonfuls of Dabur Chyawanprah everyday!! is certainly an effective boon to protect your beloved child from contracting that harmful infections. It fights diseases like a combat. It has certainly stood the test of time and has helped generations in maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It has those vital anti-oxidents which strengthen the body's internal defence system. Certainly a must- have in the kitchen! I remember when my sister was very young she always used to find me munching on Dabur Chyawanprash in the early morning itself and ask me for it. At those times I simply used to give her a small teaspoon out of the Jar. Slowly, she developed a liking for it. It became an important part of her diet. And then the effects started showing soon. Within a month she started being more agile, more focused and was even able to beat me in Chess. Not only that, she outperformed herself in school as well, winning medals after medals in various school events. And the best miracle happened was this! Earlier, she used to feel very tired when she used to be back from her school. But ever since she started eating Chyawanprash, a miraculous transformation was brought about in her. She used to feel rejuvenated throughout the day, not feeling tired even for a second! Even used to do all the small works I took luxury in asking her to do for me being the younger sister! (And I’m writing this with devilish delight!) Not only that, she even started helping in keeping the house clean, was off from one end of the house to the other throughout the day
This hullabaloo in the house was somewhat pleasant for all of us. It almost became a tradition in the house for all of us to have 2 spoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash every day since then, and trust me; the house has never been fitter and healthier before. Various essential herbs like Amla (rich source of Vitamin A, best for our eyes and hairs) as well as Giloy, which boosts our immunity are present which gives our children a thick edge over others, both in terms of studies and sports. Having witnessed such an awesome transformation in my sister, I would certainly advocate people imbibing this habit of making children consume Dabur Chyawanprash at least twice-a-day to add 3 times more happiness to their homes.