Friday, 10 July 2015

Balanced diet with Honey for a balanced life

The importance of a sound balanced diet cannot be less emphasized in today’s times of new varieties of junk food, long hours in front of computer, mobiles and all those distractions which result in pounds of belly fat and make us obese. Obesity is well rampant in today’s times. The rising importance of yoga centers and gymnasiums is a testimony to the fact that people are not as fit as they used to be. But does everyone have time to spend those long hours at the gym? Ask the majority working class, especially people working in corporates and you will get a firm “no” as a reply.

So then what is the alternative? The best and the most effective answer to this question is a healthy and balanced diet with honey, which would help eliminate the useless toxins of the body, and help you detoxify, thereby increasing your energy levels but also burn the layers of fat under your skin, in a longer run but effective way. Remember, Rome was not built in a day! So the urge for a healthy diet has to come from within.

Some of the best benefits that a person may derive from a healthy diet include:

1. A healthy diet helps us have more energy to do things in our day- to-day life, unlike fatty food, which is temporarily filling, but deeply harms the body in the long run.

2. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body! It’s a fact, not just a saying. Its scientifically proven that a body which consumes balanced diet has a more active mind than an obese person.

3. It makes you look more attractive- Remember that fit guy from office who received lots of proposals from beautiful girls on Valentine’s Day? It’s not a secret. The better the diet, the better the body, the more heads will turn towards you.

4. It increase your self- confidence- When a person is fit, he naturally feels better from within. Having a balanced diet requires only a thoughtful mind, but it can have multiple benefits, ranging from control of body weight to strengthening our immune system, more energy to do our work, happiness, improving our skin tone, the list goes on and on.

5. Makes us happier- It's scientifically proven that a healthy diet helps avoid depression and avoids premature ageing.

6. Saves the doctor’s bills- Naturally if we stay healthy, the doctors bill is bound to reduce as we will be less prone to diseases and thus this saving will eventually lead to prosperity going by the ever increasing cost of medicines in today’s times.

The best thing can a person can do first thing in the morning- and I have been an avid follower of this practice too- is to have a glass of warm water with honey. It instantly helps to kick start our metabolism- which helps remove impurities from our body, and prevents belly fat from accumulating. It is also an effective alternative to sugar, which is the root cause of obesity.

Dabur, a company which is established worldwide for its vision in the direction of healthcare and general well- being, has set the trend yet again by launching yet another healthcare revolution in the market, called Honey Diet. It is a must for people of all ages and will go a great deal in achieving the health goals of the masses.

So, stay fit, feel young with the goodness of Dabur honey!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

UC browser for seamless cricket experience!!

How much important Cricket is to the people of India does not need much elaborate description! The fact of the popularity of the game can be easily estimated by the fact that people worship the cricketers, become sad at the drop of a hat if their favorite team India loses a game. It then becomes a question of utmost importance, almost integral to have a seamless cricket coverage.

In earlier days, when not many people had access to smartphones, working class of people used to line up outside showrooms to catch live action.

Cricket is one game which keeps Indians together. We might be all divided on our views of issues carrying social or national importance, but if Yuvraj Singh fails to perform in that all important match by playing a rash shot, we will all be unanimous in criticizing him.

In these days of technology, it has become much more easier by live applications which can help you catch our favorite game on the move on our smartphone itself. However life is not that simple, is it? There are lot of things to keep us away from catching live coverage of the game such as that all important business meeting which your boss wants you to attend, or that most important lecture in tuition which you can't afford to miss- life is full of these small things that a true Indian fan has to accommodate- along with cricket of course!

Internet has almost become integral to our lives today, it is almost as important as oxygen in today’s times of wide social media outreach. However, honestly speaking, the quality of service provided by the internet network providers is not upto the mark. It becomes then a matter of making a smart choice by using a smart web browser which can seamlessly help us reach the desired speed and check out our live cricketing action for an avid cricket buff.

I am myself a great cricket enthusiast. I love to have a good internet speed on my mobile being a professional. Hence I was looking for a good web browser since a long time, as the pre- installed web browser on my android smartphone is not easy to use and smart enough. This is when one of my friend recommended me to download UC Browser. Initially, I was bit apprehensive about using a new browser, but my firnd said me to try it out. He was confident it would solve my purpose.

It’s been almost a year since that incident and I still am using UC Browser as a primary browser on my smartphone. There is almost no drawback in this browser, it offers seamless speeds which help me surf through webpages in flash of a second, it offers great download speeds, it has a great easy to use and multi-purpose interface which takes way the need to constantly enter the website URL on the browser. It saves my recent cookies and also has an option of saving data on cloud storage in case the storage capacity of the phone is limited. In no time it has gained immense popularity in India.Using UC browser makes the web experience so much easier and hassle-free, with the kind of exciting features provided by it, the speed and awesome variety of options available to choose from!

Not only that, knowing the heart of India, UC Browser has launched UC Cricket, a space which enhances the cricket watching experience of die-hard cricket fans like me to a whole new level. Now it’s possible to stream cricket videos and watch live matches on my smartphone as good as a television coverage, if not better. The below UC browser advertisement aptly demonstrates how the amazing browsing experience has made ace Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh a fan himself of this awesome browser.

So surf it all, and surf it fast with the amazing UC Browser!