Saturday, 10 May 2014

Crazy about Cricket!!!

Cricket is no doubt the heartbeat of India.. We love watching every ball, cheer for every boundary and get aggrieved on every wicket down of our Stars of the sport on As a cricket crazy nation we love to make excuses to watch our favourite team in action.. Have done many crazy things to not miss my favourite match..But the one on top of the charts would be on the eve of world cup final 2011 I had work season at my office..I didn't want to miss out all the action and therefore took my personal TV set and set top box all the way to my office..I requested my senior to allow me watch match n also reduce my work as I wanted to watch the match..Finally was a treat to watch the local heroes steal the show..
I also love the way has introduced multiple channels and HD clarity which has made my cricket watching experience even bigger and better.

Some wonderful features of star sports which has made the life of every cricket fan a lot better are :

1.     World’s first video timeline for cricket that marks key moments of a match, while it happens, allowing users to go back, relive the moment and jump back into the action in real time.
2.     Advanced video player that was customized for the platform. The player integrates data with LIVE video to provide a compelling LIVE viewing experience. Fans can view scorecards, player statistics and join the social conversation without leaving the LIVE match environment. 

3.     First of its kind video scorecard, that brings the statistics alive with video clips of key moments supported by detailed analytics and graphics. Fans can also catch up on games through replays and highlights.

4.     Star Power Index, a dynamic rating system to assess every player’s impact on the match and a new way to evaluate the game.

#kannakeepcalm is not just a word but a great teaching that sports and gives us. We have to maintain our sanity in each and every tough situation that life throws at us, sometimes battles are lost even before they started just bacause the warrior lost it in his head. When life throws the most surprising situations at you, be thankful because they are the ones which teach you the most ultimately.

And what other wonderful way to live that experience other than our favourite cricket heroes sticking till the end till the final ball and sealing the match for the team!!! Cricket makes India crazy truly, but before win you "Kanna Keep Calm...!!! "

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