Monday, 1 February 2016

Now gold mornings instead of cold good mornings with Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold

Mornings are the trend- setters for the entire day. The whole day's activities and our entire mood more or less depends on how smooth our mornings are. Savoring the early morning freshness and a healthy morning activity, like a good workout, jogging with my dog, fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums, things as simple as that can actually make me feel a lot better, and in turn my day in the long run.

It was a lazy sunday morning. After a tiring week at work, I was wondering as to what excitement would the Sunday have in store for me! Amindst these thoughts, I was half asleep, almost lazying in bed, when all of a sudden, my doorbell rang. I went up to find a young man, looking eagerly at me, with a half smile on his face. He introduced himself and said that he had carried my 360° Charcoal Gold hamper!. At first, I refused to believe him, but i suddenly remembered having applied for the same a couple of weeks back. But looking at the size of the carton in which the hamper was packed almost amazed me. I somehow closed the door, opened the carton, and was in for the most pleasant surprise! A stylish box which had “It's time to wake up to a Gold Morning” inscribed on it was right in front of me, almost adding the missing excitement to my usual Sunday.

I was very eager to open the hamper and unravel the exciting things that Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold had in store for me! I was not disappointed. There was a note from Colgate Palmolive as well as a lot of exciting goodies that I found in the "magic box" that unveiled. There was a sipper, toothbrush, Coffee Mug as well as a well written note from Colgate giving its greetings!

It was picture perfect, and the hamper had arrived at just the perfect time: to make my mornings richer. I almost immediately got excited to start using the good looking products. And to my surprise, not only was it stunning in the way it looked, but also in the way it cleaned my teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. No wonder, they called it "the Gold Standard of Whole Mouth Cleaning"

So, I look forward to my mornings now, as another exciting times with Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold. Indeed Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold has helped transform my cold mornings into exciting "Gold Mornings!"