Monday, 23 June 2014

Zindagi kaisi hai paheli haaye, kabhi ye hasaaye, kabhi ye rulaaye...

Manna Dey must have sung this beautiful song for the movie Anand thinking about the on-screen story of Rajesh Khanna back then in 1970, but 34 years later this song exactly describes my mixed emotions after attending the Mumbai Zee Zindagi #Jodeydilonko Indiblogger meet..

At the Zee JodeyDilonKo meet

It was undoubtedly one of the bigger events of the recent times with Zee launching a brand new channel “Zindagi”, a reflection of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), one of India's leading television, media and entertainment companies’ corporate philosophy of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' meaning "The World Is My Family'. The channel will bring international content to India with an underlying theme that people may be culturally different, celebrating different festivals, living across borders, however the stories of our lives which are universal bind us together and bring us closer. Hence, the positioning: 'Zindagi- Jodey Dilon Ko'.

The beautiful hall at the Hotel Leela in Mumbai for the meet
Zindagi aims to showcase Real, Friendly, Vibrant and Premium stories and will engage and interact with its audience through diverse shows written by award-winning novelists, literary stalwarts and many of these shows are adapted from famous novels and books.

The event itself was an attempt by Zindagi and Indiblogger at joiing the hearts of people from two totally different cities of India in all aspects, Delhi and Mumbai. With the bloggers spanning a whooping 501 seats and still these were all occupied before the launch itself, was a testimony of how popular the theme and Indiblogger events are across the cities.

Bloggers from Delhi and Mumbai registered themselves for the Indimeet
1.       In the beginning(with registrations and a sumptuous meal.. :-P ):
The meet was scheduled at 12. However enthusiastic bloggers from both the cities began thronging the  Leela Kempinski Hotel at Mumbai and the Taj Mahal hotel in Delhi much before the scheduled time. Finally, the meet opened with registrations and to the delight of the Indibloggers for a lovely lunch spanning a nice spacious lobby arranged by the indiblogger team. In addition to the lovely Indian veg starters and main course, there were mouth-watering desserts too! The bloggers ate to their hearts content..

Sumptuous lunch was served at the meet venue
2.       A Tale of two cities:
Quite Literally!! The event began to an energetic note as the lovely hosts and dost Anup and Nihal were running the show from Mumbai and Delhi respectively..Anup could’nt help but take a couple of friendly digs at Nihal for his dull-in-response Delhi bloggers, to which the Delhi bloggers replied with a huge roar to beat Mumbai’s decibels.

Decibels soaring at the meet!
Then there were fantastic prizes given to bloggers for their awesome photographs clicked in outside cities, to which the audience was entertained by some interesting stories revolving around pics of bloggers over  Mumbai and Delhi.  This was followed by a debate between the two cities on topics like which city had better looking men, better fast food, better climate on which people came up with some common and some exteremely funny and interesting propostions. Finally thw winner as expected was adjudged as Mumba for its enthusiastic participation in the debate and great refute points.

Bloggers Delhi v/s Mumbai fighting it out at the debate!!
3.       Dil Mil Gaye:
It was a time for Hud- Hud moment(a signature step of indibloggers which symbolises their energy) before inviting the lovely Zee Zindagi team on the stage. And then came the biggest surprise of it all, the entry of famous Pakisani TV star Imran Abbas who ignited the stage with his lovely energy and great looks.

Imran Abbas at the launch of Zindgi

 4.       Aisa Des hai mera!!
This famous song in Veer-Zaara movie was sung beautifully by Imran who enchanted the 500+ aduidence with his super voice. As rightly pointed out by a blogger that it is high time talent from Pakistan got its due in the film industry across the globe..Imran was a testimony to that fact. The multi-talented star not only faced numerous controversial questions ranging from Indo-pak relationship to his own personal life with utter poise and diligence and entertained the audience thoroughly. He even let shutterbugs pose for pictures along with him and readily obliged to give his autographs to young desirous fans. Indeed dispayed a flavour of the fact that India and Pakistan are like two brothers of the same mother..

Imran Abbas enthralled the audience with his singing skills!!

5.       The all new Zindagi channel- a relief from the daily saas-bahu soaps:
Unlike the usual saas-bahu daily soaps which are so prominent in Indian Television where the story is stretched like an elastic and the same Bunglows are repeated in every other show, Zindgi offers a host of refreshingly real experience of watching life on Televison. Shows like Zindagi Gulzar hai, Aunn Zara, Kaash main teri beti na hoti, and Kitni Girhain baaki hai all have been shot at real locations and with truly believable stories. A real change to the Indian housewives and couch-potatoes.

Zindagi is a boon to the Indian TV audience who need welcome change
6.       The 1 to 10 game:
Post high tea it was time for the “One to ten”  game, a favourite with the bloggers where the host asks the blogger to choose any number from one to ten and he may win-lose anything depending on his luck. It was an utter madness as bloggers fought to get the chance to be picked up by Anoop to choose the number. There were cool prizes to be won too..

Loads of fun and prizes to be one in the one to ten game!!
7.       The traitor:
I like most other bloggers was as excited about me being selected to pick the number, which nearly happened, as Anoop pointed towards me and in his characteristic heavy accent “Hey ya, the one in black you choose” when shockingly on the same table a guy wearing a White shirt wuth just faint check printed on it, got up and within no time gave the answer and won a handsome Wildcraft Rucksack..Watch the delight on his face in the pic while receiving the rucksack! Hard Luck indeed!!
However I took it in a sporting way and I congratulated him on winning the rucksack just to be overjoyed the very next moment as my name was called up for a tweet and was overjoyed to win a flipkart voucher!! Indeed it was a sweet-sour day going on..

Traitor winning the Wild Craft rucksack, which could be mine :P
8.       A memorable end!!
In the end, it was a great moment for Indiblogger, which is completing its 6th year, as it celebrated by bringing the bloggers from different platforms all at one place and drew the curtains to the awesome event in the Hud-Hud pose- A trademark of Indiblogger!!

We are the Indiblogger family
The meet concluded in the trademark Hud-Hud Style!!
Watch shows on the all new Zee’s channel Zindagi from 23rd June,Monday,8 pm onwards...

Aunn Zara poster
Zindgi Gulzar hai, a rage in Pakistan

Sunday, 22 June 2014

When Alia Bhatt went shopping....

Alia Bhatt became the butt of jokes ever since she answered Prithviraj Chauhan as the president of India in an episode of ‘Koffee With Karan’. 

However the pretty star takes it in her stride and she is just wondering what she can do to raise her IQ level(doing things like like standing on a table etc.) when on a weekeday, the young star finally finds an intelligent idea of shopping online through baggout, as she like most people has difficulty in choosing to buy a particular product and Baggout gives her this opportunity by features like sharing the knowledge of a great product buy with her friends , as well as Browsing through the personalised catalogue of amazing products created by her friends.A social shopping and cashback website which provides best products at the best prices!!

Baggout gives great brand options to choose from at price of peanuts!!

What’s even better is, she can keep a track of things she buys from Baggout which is the most amazing feature that baggout offers using her Bank account , oops Facebook account!! :-P

Alia's intelligent question to Aamir Khan
P.S : With Alia Bhatt, anything is possible..A reflection of her intelligence is also in the trolls in between the story..

Here is she alongwith Varun Dhawan by her side, shopping one Saturday on Baggout on recommendation of Varun. Excerpts:

Alia: “I wonder why they are asking us to keep our bags out. As it is it’s an online shopping portal!!
Varun: (Laughs)”Alia, that’s the name of their website”
Alia: ohh ok..i didn’t know that..
(Logs on to Welcome to BaggOut)
“Wow,look Varun, this one looks amazing..Great products at really affordable prices..”
Varun: “Yeah ofcourse, suggest kisne kiya tha..”
Alia: “Ok, now lets check some cool phones online..”
(Checks the latest i-phones available, Searching both i-phone 4 models as well as 5 models)
Varun: ”Do you want i-phone 4 or 5?”
Alia: “I think one will be good enough, what you think”

Alia's smart answer to Viru Shahastrabuddhi
Varun: (In splits) “I mean i-phone 4 model or 5?”
Alia: “Ohh sorry. i-phone 5!”
(Scrolls through a long time on the website. Varun is getting irritated)
Varun: “ Hey Alia, please make up your mind now”
(And not surprisingly, Alia applies lipstick to her forehead)

Varun: Why did you just do that?
Alia: “You only said, makeup your mind.”
Varun: “Ok Alia, you shop now, I’m going to watch my favourite football match’
(Watching FIFA World Cup on TV)
Alia: (Looking towards the TV while still online) “ Bechare kitne gareeb hain.22 players ke paas khelne ke liye ek hi ball hai.Sabke paas apni apni honi chahiye!”
Varun: “That’s the rule of the game Alia.”
Alia: Ohh I see..Vaise ye sab ball ko legs se kyu maar rahe hain?
Varun: “Ye sab “goal” karne ki koshish kar rahe hain.”
Alia: Ohh par ball toh pehle se hi gol hai!!
Varun: Wow you are so smart..
Alia: No. I’m Alia..

Alia's witty answer to NaMo
(Varun catches his head with irritation. Just then Alia gets a call from famous director Sajid Khan.)
Sajid: “Hi Alia, Humshakals released. You saw my last movie na. It’s 3 times more comedy than that..”
Alia: “No, I couldn’t see your last movie even though I had got the tickets”
Sajid: “Why?”
Alia: “Coz when I went to the theatre, it read “House full”
(Sajid Khan disconnects the phone)

Alia,u need baggout!!

Alia: “Hey Varun where you went..take my selfie na..”
Varun: “Hey how can I take your selfie haha..Anyway so decided the product you want to buy?”
Alia: “Yes, my friends suggest to buy an i-phone 5s. Plus i get an exclusive 6% cashback on purchases made  from various brands like Jabong and Myntra. Isn’t that cool.”
Varun: Yes indeed it is. So whatsay lets go for a movie tonight?
Alia: “Sab theatres bandh hai”
Varun: “Kyu?”
Alia: “Arre my friend was saying that sab theatres me Holiday chal rahi hai”
Varun: “That’s a movie name Alia.”

Siddhu ki bolti bandh!!
Alia: (Chcukles at her own stupidity) Ohh..
(Within 2 days itself the product: i-phone gets delivered at Alia’s home from Baggout)
Baggout delivery person: (Rings the bell) “Hello ma’am I’m from Baggout. Here’s the product that you orderd.
Alia : “ Hi,how are you?”
Baggout person: “I’m fine ma’am.”
Alia; “Hi fine, I’m Alia.”
Baggout person: “ Ma’am my name is Ramesh, not fine.”
Alia: Ohh so sorry. By the way, just wait for a moment, how to check if the phone you delivered me is working properly?”
Baggout person: “ Ma’am you could press any button.”
Alia: “But there’s no “Any” button on the phone. So have you delivered me a defective phone?”
Baggout person: “No, ma’am. Any means any button on the phone Keypad”
Alia: Presses power button. Ok Ramesh, the phone looks great. Thanks a lot.”

This is where it all started :P

Baggout person: “ You are welcome ma’am. For more details on our products you can also log on to our website or provide feedback on Have a great day.!!

Alia: “ Awww You too!!!”

Baggout, a one-stop shopping destination