Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I've just begun my blog and then I suddenly vanished into thin air. But then the hectic schedule has kept me busy. Also being new to the blogger world it still seems a little hectic to mix it into my daily routine, hopefully it will change gradually.

There are no words to describe my joy at the very moment. Reason being I've cleared a very important competitive exam, the one that sort of is the turning point of my life career-wise. I so want to write about all what I'm feeling at the moment but I know I would do a terrible job and just ramble and send thank you wishes to the Almighty. When I started this blog, I did not for once think I would post something so personal out here and that too in the direct form, but then blogs are meant to be personal and for sharing ones joys with everyone around. Happiness when shared multiplies; it turns out to true after all.

I hope to return soon though I have a feeling, I might not update as frequent a new blogger should update but I'm just trying to mingle up with the new changed schedule; earlier it was just home and college now the priorities have changed as finding a job and blogging too have been added to the already hectic schedule.

Anyways, I guess I've talked a lot of things that are not really going to make sense to someone else or to myself some other day when I'm back from my very own cloud 9. But at the moment, it makes all the sense in the world and that's what matters, right?

On an end note, a Special Thank You to Mom, Dad, God, people who supported me and the biggest to the ones who demotivated me...you made me believe myself even stronger..So thanks a ton guys!