Saturday, 27 December 2014

Facing the truth

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”- Buddha.

What great lines from one of the greatest messenger of peace throughout the world. Truth is indeed a great virtue. It requires courage and a large heart to be honest and own up to our deeds, regardless of the consequences. I was fortunate enough to graduate from one of the better universities of the country (Mumbai University) and one of the best colleges for commerce in Mumbai (HR College).This happened when I was in my second year of degree college (in the 3 year B.Com degree course). I was one of the most active students from our batch in college, and needless to say, had become quite popular as well as I had made a lot of friends in many different so-called “clubs” of my college. Naturally, I had good hold or reach as you can say, in my college and thus, I was in direct communication terms with my vice-principal. I had also bribed the college peon for attendance purposes and thus never had to face any attendance problems as all my attendances were marked by the college peon firsthand.

It so happened that one fine afternoon the principal of the college, Mrs. Indu Shahani happened to be on the rounds, and found something amiss with the attendance sheet of my class (since she knew me by my name and knew fully well that I was not a regular student). She was unfortunately in a bad mood that day and immediately called for the attendance registers for the other lectures of the day as well, and to her surprise, found that I was marked present despite not coming to college that day. She immediately rose to action and called the peon on that floor (who had marked my attendance) and scolded him for doing so. She, in fact threatened that she would remove him from the job. The next day, I saw a sad look on the face of the ever smiling peon’s face, and happened to ask him the reason for it, to which he told me the whole story, that he was at the risk of losing his job and because of such reason of removal, no one would be willing to hire him and he would lose his means of livelihood and his wife and children would have to stay hungry. Immediately, I walked up to my principal Indu Shahani’s cabin and requested her secretary to let me in, to which she kindly obliged. I confessed to Indu ma'am the whole story and apologized for my mistake to her. She got angry at me and scolded me for resorting to such a mioschief, but appreciated me for owning up to my mistake. Not only that, she also told me that since I had owned up to my mistake and was committing not to repeat the same in future, she would let go her decision to remove the peon from the job at my request. Overjoyed, I left her cabin and communicated the news to the peon. This brought a big smile on the poor fellow’s face and he thanked me for my kindness. Definitely I scored lesser marks in the forthcoming semester due to lack of attendance, but I was happier, knowing fully well that these are marks rightly deserved by me and not due to any cheating.

Such great deeds of honesty make the world a better place to live in. Like the following video of Kinley Mineral water, which will inspire you to always speak the truth in all situations.

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