Thursday, 18 June 2015

Taking a peek into future at the Reliance retirement fund meet!!

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

What amazing and true lines these are by the great American philosopher Benjamin Franklin. Indeed these lines came true when I attended the Reliance Retirement Fund meet organised by Reliance in association with BlogAdda!

It was a day full of excitement as I reached the venue of the meet well in advance as being a finance student, investment is something which I very often hear about, but wanted to learn practical ways of doing it. And what better way to do it, than attend an event organised by the giant Reliance company!

The session was indeed a dream start as it was organised at the hub of finance in mumbai, the Indiabulls Finance Center building. As we bloggers from various spheres of life and various corners of the city gathered for the meet, the meet kicked off.

As a usual norm, we were made to introduce ourselves and our blog. As an interesting part, every blogger was asked about his dreams and where he sees himself 20 years hence. There were lots of interesting replies, ranging from holiday in Miami to buying a Lamborghini or having a rich penthouse. Naturally these things were not possible without a solid investment backbone and great savings. This is exactly where Reliance chipped in, and explained to us various trends in the Indian investment scenario, and why investing for our future is so important on our life. There were interesting trends which were projected by top corporate honchos of Reliance who explained to us how India is so much lagging behind in terms of contribution by youth towards their investment. We were aghast to see the present value of rupee in future terms after 20 years, which was hardly 30% of its value, all thanks to the ever growing inflationary pressure in the Indian economy.

We were also educated about 2 popular investment plans: income plan and growth plan provided by Reliance to its customers which indeed projected great future prospects and were tailor made for the type of investor- a young budding entrepreneur who wanted to aggressively invest vis-à-vis a middle aged person who would be in need of his accumulated savings after few years, and hence had an appetite for lower risk. This was well explained with the help of a practical demonstration on Reliance's website itself.

We were quite enlightened at the end of the session with respect to retirement planning and its importance and were also thankful to Reliance for doing such an extensive research on the subject.

The meet concluded with the generous hosts Reliance and BlogAdda clicking photos of the bloggers and then with a sumptuous lunch organised by them. Indeed a day well spent! Here's attaching some wonderful photos of my day at the eventful meet!

This post has been written for Reliance Retirement fund meet in association with BlogAdda.

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