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Happiness in Store- The Reliance Experience !!!!

Happiness in Store- The Reliance Experience !!!!
( Experience it to believe it... )
Reliance Digital is a one-stop shop for digital products, mobiles, laptops, appliances, computers, gaming consoles, tablets, wireless phones, High end TV, cameras and camcorders. Located at more than 127 outlets across the country, Reliance has made a great move by venturing into electronics Supermarket Segment which is one of the most booming sector of today’s times. Naturally I was excited to visit the Reliance Digital Store at the shop 203, Infinity Mall, Malad, the same store which has witnessed the press-only meet organized by Superstar Ranbir Kapoor with the team of Barfii for Movie Application Launch on on 31st August 2012. Had expected some great time with my friends at the store, as well as some cool surprises and great display of latest  technology.
Ranbir Kapoor at the Reliance Digital Store

I thoroughly got this experience and much more on my visit to the store. It was a well planned visit as I had registered myself well in advance for the Infinity mall store as I just love visiting that mall again and again. It just keeps getting better with every visit.

At Infinity Mall, Malad 
We were a group of 5-7 friends from our vicinity and had zeroed in on meeting near Malad West railway station as the common meeting point for all. Needless to say, everyone was well on time. And off we went towards our destination- The Reliance Digital Store.

On the lower ground floor, we had a glimpse of the Reliance istore, a Premium Reseller of Apple Products in the market.

The Reliance i- Store
We were quite intimidated by the trendy infrastructure of the store. However, when we entered the Reliance Digital Store- The experience just got bigger and better. We were mesmerized at the vast expanse of the Store and the range of products. Me personally being a novice in the field of technology,I was in a bit of dilemma about how to go about the tour of the Store.
Moving around the Store

That’s when we were greeted by a warm welcome from the Store Manger, Mr. Vishal.  He introduced  himself humbly and offered to take us through a tour of the Store. We politely obliged. Mr. Vishal seemed to be a through professional and had a great personality and vocabulary which made the work of going through the store a lot more simple. He guided us through the various sections of the store. Reliance Digital is a one-stop shop with cutting-edge technology for the entire range of household electronics, appliances, computers, gaming and telecom products brought to you in a demystifying, enjoyable & experiential ambiance supported by the highest quality of service and value.
The Reliance Digital Store
The product range at Reliance Digital varies from Audio and Video products (TV's, DVD players, Car Audio players), Electronic Musical Instruments and Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles and Games, Computers and Peripherals, Mobile and Fixed line instruments, Durables like, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Water Purifiers, Kitchen and Home Appliances.

 The store is spread across a vast area of approx 3500 square feet. He took us through the various sections of the store comprising of IT section, accessories,smartphone segment, Refrigerators,LED TVs, as well as certain unique and well-thought of ideas like Reliance Timeout Corner which comprised of everything which caters to the extra needs of a family like a prodigious collection of Movie CDs and DVDs, books and novels for all age groups as well as stationery items. And all these at a price quite par and appropriate.

The Reliance Timeout Section
   However the USP of the store was the ‘i- power’ section which consisted of Kitchen and home appliances as well as devices for personal care like Trimmers etc. Mr. Vishal very expertly explained us why this section (I-power) was positioned exactly in front of the Store Gate. He contended that since these products always have heavy discounts and offers attached to them, they invariably catch the Customer’s attention from outaside the store itself.

The i-power section
When we moved on to the Digital Camera Section, he requested a representative,Mr. Vinay, an expert at Digital camera functions and Configurations to explain us the features of various cameras kept there. We were especially attracted towards Nikon and Cannon DSLRs as these are two of the best- selling cameras in the market. On our request, the representative not only displayed us the physical differences between the two cameras, but also demonstrated practically how we enhance their utility by adding an extra lens for more clarity and range the use of lens that are best suited for the current photographic need.

At the DigiCam Section
We were also mesmerized to see the rich variety of Brands in the Reliance Digital Express Section (Where Technology meets life) like Bose Speakers, Sony Playstations and X-Boxes and Samsung Tablets and Smartphones.
The hot selling products like Laptops and Smartphones were rightly kept in the first part of the store itself, but the accessories section were smartly kept towards their right-hand side, keeping the safety of the products and customer’s well-being in mind.

Laptops Section

But what distinguished this store was that the Customer was the center of their focus ,and it was not just about keeping well-known brands for them but catering to the customized individual needs of the buyer was more important to them.A simple example of this fact was that when I asked the store manager that I wanted to buy a LED TV, he unlike most comparables who directly ask about the size and specifications desired for, asked a very valid question- What is the distance of your sofa to your T.V set? To solve my dilemma he even took me to the LED section which had floor decals stating the different distances to help me make a decision.

The floor decals at LED TV Section to guide the customer for the distance preferable

Even otherwise, we felt warm and well attended to all through our stay at the store. The customer representatives seemed well educated about the products they were attending to. After taking a tour with Mr. Vishal, I preferred myself moving around the store and clicking pictures. My friends and me clicked some group photos as well amidst the smiles from the store staff.
Having a good time at the Reliance Digital store

We were so lost in the experience of the store that we just forgot about the time. Though some of my friends had not carried the visit passes but they were kind enough to attend to us and state that  attending to us was not their job but passion. And towards the end of our visit,we were pleasantly surprised when the store manager promised us goodies to be sent to our home by Reliance. And just had stepped out of the store when the signboard reading “Thank You for Shopping with us” brought a big smile on my face.
Thus my visit at Reliance Digital Store was a very exciting and informative one, which I thoroughly enjoyed and feeling nostalgic even while penning it here..I am already planning my next visit to the again.

Thank you Reliance and Indiblogger for making my experience a truly memorable one.

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