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Ayurvedic Massage with Dabur Lal Tail- For Premature babies

Aarti’s happiness knew no bounds. She was in Seventh heaven today. The excitement of becoming a mother was a reason enough for the glow on her face, even her husband Ram wason cloud nine. They had been planning a lot of things for their young one for sometime now, and rightly so. It was their first baby, a symbol of their love. The whole family was patiently waiting outside the Operation Theatre. Finally, the moment arrived. There came the doctor to congratulate the family on their youngest member’s arrival. However, he wore a slight grim look on his face. Ram noticed it immediately and inquired the reason for this. “Mr. Ram”, said the doctor in a husky voice.” I need to talk to you for a minute.”
Ram followed the doctor to his cabin with a thumping heart. Not sure what to expect, he looked at the doctor expectantly.” Mr. Ram” began the doctor.”Doctor is everything alright?” Ram’s heartbeat could stop any minute.”Yes everything is fine Sir.The mother is all safe.” “And the baby?” Ram demanded.” It is a beautiful girl.Conratulations!But…” “But what doctor?” “ Due to premature birth, the baby is physically very weak. Her immunity system is just about in a working condition. But, there is a huge scope of improvement. I hope you understand.”
Ram was just taken aback. All his dreams of a healthy prodigy were looking shaky. With a heavy heart, he left the doctor’s cabin.On being prodded,he shared the ordeal with his family. They were as shocked as he was.Still,somehow he gathered courage and entered Aarti’s ward. Managing a fake smile, he kissed Aarti gently on the forehead and smiled at the pretty baby on the adjoining cradle.A month later, the baby’s delicate body parts were still developing at a very slow pace. Aarti now little recovered, noticed this and felt something amiss. She asked Ram about it. Initially reluctant, Ram disclosed the fact about the baby to his wife. She was equally shocked at first but somehow was wondering if some miracle could save the Apple of their eye, their sweet little baby.
Among many people who came to visit the baby, Neha, Aarti’s best friend dropped by her house to say hi to her. Aarti confided in Neha and disclosed her what the doctor had said. “Oh, don’t worry at all. A similar case had happened with my sister-in-law.Infact, her case was quite worse. Have you heard of oil massages for the baby??” “Yes, but my baby is too weak for that don’t you think?” Aarti exclaimed. “ Oh,that’s totally fine. A baby’s bones take time to develop. Ever heard of Dabur lal tail? “Yes,have heard of it but never used it.” “Oh, its one superb product for the oil massage of the baby. Dabur Lal Tail is an Ayurvedic Baby massage oil made from time tested ayurvedic ingredients which has many proven benefits for the Baby. Its massage helps in strengthening baby's bones and muscles and is proven safe and effective for better overall physical growth of babies. Having seen my sister-in-law use the same for her baby, I can safely say it works way better than other massage oils, talcum powder or no massage. “ “Oh, I wasn’t aware of this. Will definitely have a check about the product. Thank you. No words to express  what a big favour you have done by making me aware about the benefits of Oil massage for the baby.” 

Next day itself Aarti bought home a 125 ml bottle of Dabur Lal tail. She also logged on to the internet to see the right technique of massage of the baby and other health care tips for her baby. And to her delight, she didn’t have to surf much. Dabur Lal Tail’s own website had loads of tips and good amount of information required at her disposal. She not only implemented these tips successfully but reaped great benefits out of it and within just 2-3 months, her baby started lifting its head on its own and supporting its body weight on its arms. Aarti’s happiness knew no bounds.

How true is this case with a lot of families in our country! According to a recent survey conducted by Times of India, in its own words: ” India recorded the highest number of deaths of preemies, or babies born before time in 2010. India ranked worst in a global report card "Born Too Soon," published jointly by the World Health Organization and Save the Children, as records suggest that 35 lakh children were born pre-term in the country in 2010. Of these, more than 3.03 lakh children died due to complications associated with being born before time.” Thus understanding the importance of effective Ayurvedic and Synthetic massage techniques are the order of the day. 

A lot of reference material has been found in the books as well.. Ayurvedic texts refer to massage or Abhyanga with oils of herbs like Country Mallow (Bala) and Sesame (Tila) to protect baby’s skin against topical infections. Bathwater should also be disinfed with herbal extracts of Sandal (Chandana) and Banyan Tree (Vata), which are fragrant and possess antimicrobial properties respectively.

Mental development of a child is extremely important in Ayurveda. The concept of Balagraha lists herbal solutions for common mental and psychosomatic disturbances that could affect children. Inclusion of aromatic herbs such as Rasana (Pluchealanceolata) and Spikenard (Jatamansi) are recommended in massage oils and bath water to soothe, relax and calm young children. Tonics orrasayanas like Chyavanaprasha, which contains Thyme-Leaved Gatriola (Brahmi) and Indian
Pennywort (Madukaparni) amongst others, enhances a child’s concentration ability and intelligence. In fact, recent research studies have found that Thyme-Leaved Gatriola and Indian Pennywort are indeed beneficial in maintaining cognitive functions,improving memory and learning abilities.

Enriched with proven natural ingredients, Dabur Lal Tail is an Ayurvedic baby massage oil that promotes growth and development of babies. It strengthens muscles and nourishes the baby's tender skin, keeping it soft and supple. It is also beneficial in cases of flabby, dry skin and wrinkles occurring during Rickets. Combination of special herbs, Til Tail (Sesame Oil), which helps in absorption; Ratanjyot Shankhpushpi  - which protects against skin infection, general weakness; Camphor – which stimulates blood circulation and Urad – which nourishes muscles, Dabur Lal Tail ensures complete solution to all your child’s massage needs. 

Baby massage has a long tradition in India. Just after birth, a cleansing massage is done with a soft wheat-dough ball, to which a little almond oil and a dash of turmeric is added. Just before rubbing the ball is dipped in a bit of almond oil. This practice is continued for the first six days after birth, before the bath. Ayurvedic baby massage enhances circulation, helps in the expulsion of toxins and aids the digestive system of the baby. On the seventh day after birth, actual baby massage with the dough ball starts and this goes on every day for 3 weeks. The dough ball should be dipped in oil every now and then, which helps to keep the 3 doshas in proper balance.
Massage with the hands begins when the infant is one month old, when the baby's body has become strong enough. The baby massage is continued every day for 3 months, during which the most time is spend in massaging spine, back, neck, waist, hands and feet, because these parts need to gain strength to support the body.

Once the baby starts lifting its head on its own and supporting its body weight on its arms, more general daily body massage should continue for 18 months. The massage of the spine,nevertheless remains an important aspect of infant massage.After this time, baby massage can be given on alternate days,though a daily massage routine will aid in making the child strong and happy.

Thus, the way Aarti’s enlightenment about the benefits of Ayurveda reformed her baby’s life, a holistic interpretation of health propagated by Ayurveda ensures that child is healthy, both mentally and physically.


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