Wednesday, 14 January 2015

No tension. Relocate 'Quikr'

"Home is where the heart is"

How rightly these simple lines describe the importance of our home in day-to-day lives. Indeed one of the biggest tensions one faces in life is when they are relocating to some other location, and more-so if that other location is a different city altogether. Not only the aspect of detaching ourselves from our comfort zone that we have built around around our place that we have been living in, also the thought of moving your valuables and other logistics is painful. However, not to worry now, since Quikr is here!

Quikr is a place where you do just about anything, ranging from Cars/ bikes to property search and even services such as cook services. You can also search for jobs, place matrimony advertisements, buy your dream home and a lot of other things. Please visit the Bangalore Quikr website to know more.

If I was relocating to Bangalore, I would put Bangalore Quikr to my advantage by searching it to find good jobs for myself in the IT city of our country. Also, being a foodie, will come to my rescue for searching for great restaurants around my area so that I can be rest assured to find a solution to my hunger pangs. On Quikr, you can find advertisement by great cooks about their specialized dishes. Also since my house will be in a renovation stage for a short while till I shift there I will find a suitable accommodation to stay in along with my family with the help of Quikr’s vast search engine. Also, Quikr will help me to sell my immovable property in Mumbai by helping me find a good price for my assets from buyers all over, so I don’t have to hunt much and wait for a long time to move to Bangalore. Indeed, a big relief to my worries.

Not only that, since I will also be interested to know about the nearby hospitals in my area as medical emergency can occur anytime and I would be totally new to the city Bangalore, Quikr will help me check out the best-rated hospitals in my vicinity. Quikr would also be a great boon to me by helping me avail tiffin services at the cheapest price and by the best service providers. After the place to relocate in Bangalore is zeroed upon and while the renovation is going on (which admittedly proves to be an expensive affair now-a-days with Carpenters charging great amount of money for basic work), Quikr will resolve my worries by finding me the best local Carpentry services available in my area. Not only that, even fixing of my internet connection as well as installation of Wi-Fi in the new place will be taken care of with the help of Quikr.

Last but never the least, Quikr will help me find the perfect maid for my mother for our new home, a task most mothers consider to be the most difficult on the planet. Thus overall, I would get relieved of all my renovation tensions by the help of Quikr’s great services. Words are not enough to thank Quikr for making life so simple!

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