Saturday, 24 January 2015

Of Love, Love and Love!

“Life is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear; too long for those who grieve and too short for those who rejoice. But for those who love, Time is eternity”- Henry Van Dyke

Love is indeed the most beautiful expression of the human race. It is one feeling which transcends boundaries, can pierce through people without the use of a weapon and can make anyone’s heart melt in a matter of minutes. Thus love needs to be expressed, not hidden. But unfortunately, the case is right opposite in reality. We can counter the whole world if need comes, but when it comes to love matters, we are very vulnerable. I first saw her in my orientation class. We both were studying the subject of Chartered Accountancy, and she instantly caught my attention the moment she walked into the class. She was wearing a black top paired with faded blue jeans. I simply couldn’t resist looking at her again and again into the lecture. So much that, at one point, the faculty of the day Mrs. Barkha Shah looked at me glancing at her and instantly gave me a sharp look, as if saying “I know what you are thinking about.”

I wanted to befriend her, know her name and quickly. The orientation program was a 3- day program and I knew I had to strike quickly to make an impact. The only thing working in my favour was that the third and last day was the best day it could be to open my heart towards her – Valentine’s day.

It was not until the break on day 1 that I managed to talk to her. I was sipping tea at a stall below the center, and to my luck- she came there. I knew I had my chance, to make it or break it was upon me now. I instantly broke the ice by asking her about how she was finding the whole program. She said it was ok. The next thing I asked her was the most awkward thing anyone can ever ask to a girl whom you have just met few minutes before- “What are your plans for Valentine’s day?” My friend standing beside me was giving me tough looks- as if telling me “I told you not to mess around now you are going to get slapped.” To my surprise, she gave me a shy smile and said- “Not much. What about you?” I knew I had lit up a spark there. We somehow exchanged numbers and then started chatting vis text messages. As its said- some people are just meant to meet in life. We became thick friends and started spending most of the time together.

Come day 2 end and my heart was in my mouth thinking what should I do she might be already having a date for Valentine. Chanting my favorite god’s name, I picked up my phone at 11.55 pm at night. To my surprise, it wasn’t busy, which in our country is impossible if the girl has a date. So finally, we spoke for around half an hour during which I asked her about tomorrow’s plans to which she said nothing. That was my moment. Gathering all my energy, I burst out “Aastha I like you. Will you be my valentine for the day?” For a moment she fell silent. My heart stopped beating. Then came an instant reply “Well umm, I guess yes. Not a bad idea!” I jumped with joy, as if I had won a battle. I had indeed. The battle of love.

This post has been written for the Close-Up Cupid games contest by Indiblogger.

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