Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hope for a bright future!

Optimism stories can be found all around us, but the best stories to narrate are always the ones which are a part of our own experiences. In my short life of 22 years, there have been very few moments which self-inspired or self- reinforced the feeling of optimism in me, but those are worth narrating.

It was a usual rainy month of August. I was sleeping wincing in pain on my bed trying to ignore the gushing sound the wind was making while it rained heavily. I was down with Chicken Pox as the doctor had confirmed, and it did no good to me as I was 19 years at that time and in case of such ailments, the later they occur the more impact they make on the body. My whole body was filled with bumps which were slowly growing into blisters, causing all the more pain. I had missed my CA coaching classes for almost 3 days in a row, and it was not helping at all since I had my exams coming up that November. I was almost feeling like my body is covered by pointed thorns which will pierce through my body. It must have been 2.30 a.m at night. Suddenly, I heard some noise near the door of my room. It was my mother, who had kept awake, just because she could not see me in pain. She came inside the room and put her palm on my head and run her fingers through my hair. Her next words still echo in my ear “God gives us pain because he wants to give us double the happiness later.” Over the next couple of days, she was by my side for most of the time, taking care of me, giving me all the things I needed to eat, getting neem leaves as a cushion for me as they are known to heal chicken pox faster than any other thing. The blemishes still remained. But she did not lose hope. And now, with her motivation, I was prepared to fight this battle and defeat the ailment. I took good care of my body and slowly, went on course for a speedy recovery.

This is one prominent incident whose memory will stay with me throughout my life and I would be forever indebted to my mother for the kind of support she provided me when I needed her the most. To know how Housing can make your life better, you can visit here

So that was the most relaxing moment. Time stood still for me. Within a day, the blemishes started slowing down. I cleared my CA exams in first attempt. And later went on to join a Big 4 accountancy firm. Still this optimism has stayed with me till date. Which proves, its essential to look up always in life!

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