Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A bold step that brought a beautiful change in my life!

Chasing your dreams is one of the most beautiful and unsatisfying feeling in the world. I use the word unsatisfying here because as a great philosopher once said “True dreams are not those which you see when you are asleep, but they are those which do not let you sleep”. In my life I am proud to have chased one such dream and took a bold step to achieve it.

I had made up my mind to enroll for Chartered Accountancy (CA) course as soon as I cleared my Higher Secondary board exams (equivalent of 12th standard). I used to be always fascinated with the respect a Chartered Accountant enjoys in the society. It was an easy cakewalk till the initial few days, as I was able to clear the Common Proficiency exam (entrance exam of Chartered Accountancy with ease. However, the real challenge lied thereafter. I, being from a middle- class family background, did not want to depend on my parents for my coaching for further education. And the cost of coaching for CA classes was quite high at that time for a reputed coaching class. And I did not want to compromise with quality of education. The new- found feeling of self- dependency got the better of me, and I decided that I am going to fund my coaching myself. That time I decided that I would take up work at some well- known Multinational Corporation (MNC), and postpone my CA attempt by 6 months, in exchange of being able to fund my coaching myself, in addition to a bit of practical learning about corporate life which would help me later.

Initially, it was a bit of struggle. Nobody was ready to hire a 12th pass as the minimum requirement at most places was that of a graduate. However, a leading MNC called FIS saw my potential. They offered me to work on a contract of 3 months with them. I was overjoyed. It was exactly what I wanted. FIS not only helped me achieve my goal of generating enough fees to fund my own tuition expenses, it also helped me get a great corporate exposure and getting acquainted with work culture. Overall, it was a great experience.

It also raised my self-respect as well as my parents were proud of me. But the cherry on the cake was when I paid my own classes fees myself, I was feeling proud and my confidence was at its peak. I, with dedication put in hard hours of study in the classes, and in the end managed to achieve the rare feat of clearing both my exam groups papers in a single attempt (a feat quite rare in CA exams these days!). And from there on, there was no looking back. Today, I am employed with a leading Big 4 accounting firm as a trainee, and a bright future awaits me in the corporate world!

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