Sunday, 22 March 2015

Stay cool, stay happy!

Happiness is just a state of mind. It is the ultimate objective of every human being around the world. Every person tries to search for happiness in some way or the other; some find it in their dog’s licking after reaching home after a busy day, while for some happiness is an adventurous journey far away from home. For some others, it is having a pleasurable moment with family members while at home. However, the common thing among majority of people is the feeling of refreshment and coolness that happiness brings in their lives. Coca- cola brings such kind of happiness everyday in the lives of millions of its consumers by spreading smiles on their faces. It not only satisfies thirst, but re-energizes the whole body, making us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

For me, happiness is about doing things which I enjoy doing. Weekends are the days which make me feel the happiest. Being a professional, these are the only days when I get a break from the usual boring lifestyle at work and I am able to explore the different facets of my personality. The feeling of lazng around in your bed for hours with no tensions of world round you, just relaxing yourself, or wearing comfortable casuals and stepping out to new unknown places with my loved ones excite me the most. But nothing beats the experience of going on an adventurous journey with my friends.

Recently, I had been to a trek to Karjat with my close pals. It was a rejuvenating journey. We stepped out at 6 am from our homes, met at a common place around 6.30 a.m, and boarded a train towards Kasara. Karjat is approximately an hour and a half away from Mumbai by train. The train journey was an ultimate experience. We all friends are from the same age group an hence, we laughed and engaged in light banter all through our journey. Once we reached Karjat, we hired a “tam-tam” (a type of auto rickshaw) as it is called in Karjat. From there it took us an hour more towards Amby Valley. We had carried enough eatables with us in our backpacks as well as Coca-Cola bottles as we knew we would not get much to eat or drink there. There we trekked the mountain Kothaligad which was a rocky and difficult trek. Once atop, we opened our Coke bottles and enjoyed as we danced and sang on the hilltop. The weather was very cold out there and this helped keep our drinks fresh and cool. After the trek, we went to a nearby dam and enjoyed having a dip in the freezing water. It was one of the best experience one could ever have. Amidst everything, we clicked a lot of photos to preserve our memories of the day. It was one of the happiest days of my life, as being a hard-core travel maniac, nothing brings more happiness on my face than travelling with my best buddies. It just added a fresh dose of refreshment, brightness and cheer to my life which was becoming dull at office and brought fresh energy in me. The same way as Coca- cola brings energy and happiness in the lives of its million lovers all over the world, as you will vouch for after watching this video:

So, on international day of happiness, we must always stay happy, and keep doing things we love, as life is too short to have any regrets.

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