Sunday, 15 March 2015

The power of being together with ones you love!

Life is a stressful journey. It doesn’t let you be happy for a long period of time. There are stressful and sad moments which just make you feel like taking a break for a while and just let it go. Those are essential part of life’s journey. It is during such moments of hardship that we realize the importance of being with loved ones, forgetting about the world around us, strength and motivation we need to replenish our optimism. These moments can be ranging from anything, right from going out on a date with your girlfriend, taking your family out for dinner, buying a special gift for your sister, or just an evening walk with your dog or best friend.

I have been working as an trainee for one of the professional exams that I am about to appear for. It is a part of the curriculum of that course for any student to go through 3 years of practical training under a qualified Chartered Accountant. What is stressful about the profile at this stage is that you are not a qualified professional, and in addition to it you have the studies going on as well. So it’s a juggle between office and tuitions whole day, which leaves you with little energy at the end of the day!

It had been a stressful year at work, almost a year since I joined my company. There were various ups and downs during this interval, and as the life of any employee goes, he is never satisfied with the amount of work he has to do, especially at a trainee level. And this is even truer when you are working with leading companies. I was working with one of the leading Big 4 firms, and while life seemed sorted for initial few months, slowly the regular late- sitting as well as work pressure started getting the better of me. I was longing for a break.

It seemed god saw my plight and heard my prayers. We got a well- deserved 10 day break at the end of December. I was naturally overjoyed, as was my family. We deliberated and zeroed in on Darjeeling, and immediately booked our tickets. The climate was best suited for a fun time at Darjeeling, it was winter season, and I just love winters. And we took off, to our trip. Darjeeling is a beautiful place, it was chilling cold there. The pleasure of sitting on a toy train, going to an ancient Buddha shrine which is considered one of the oldest Buddhist shrines of the world. Sitting atop Tiger hill, sipping a hot cup of Darjeeling tea made with the freshest tea leaves that you may ever get in the world, was a breathtaking experience in itself. We were also lucky to witness the Darjeeling carnival, a 10-day festival of Darjeeling which is celebrated in their characteristic simple way. Seeing the smiles on the faces of my family members made me just forget all my stress at work. I could actually feel the stress being released from my body.

This amazing trip refreshed and re-charged me completely for the life ahead. Seeing the simple yet satisfied life of the natives there made me re-think about my approach towards work, and I realized that the key to happiness is in being content in what you have. The memories of that trip have stayed with me till date and rejuvenate me whenever I feel low in life. These are exactly the values that Housing believes in, which makes it such a must-have for everyone in their day to day lives. So even if the journey is stressful, it feels good when the time spent with your loved one makes you feel that he is together with you in this journey.

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