Friday, 6 March 2015

Dry bottoms- The recipe for a rocking baby mood!

Parenthood is indeed the most exciting feeling in the world! Seeing a new-born baby grow up in front of your own eyes, his first steps, his first words, each moment is worth capturing in itself. How important is then the smile of the little one in the house? Indeed a lot! When your little one greets the day – and you – with a smile, all the stress of a hard day at work or at home seems to melt away.

I still vividly remember the days when my sister was born. She was born on the auspicious occasion of Raksha- bandhan, which made her birth all the more special for me. I was 10 at that time, but I still cannot forget all her growing up years, her initial days when I was given the responsibility of changing her diapers frequently. She had a liking for music since her days as an infant. She used to instantly used to smile and start moving her tiny hands when we played tunes of Happy Birthday or Jingle bells near her. And this discovery came to my rescue as every time she started to cry when my mother was not around, I would start playing these tunes on my piano and it would instantly make her quiet and happy. She was also fond of dancing ever since she was small, and as the days passed by, while learning her first steps as a toddler, she would get up and try to walk a few steps. I would put on her favorite music and while holding her hands, would try to make her body sway to music a little, which would excite her a lot. Eventually, as she started to walk, she would sway her bottom a little while listening to music, which would catch everyone’s fancy as she used to look very cute while doing these steps.

But even while doing all these fun activities with her, I noticed that dry diaper would contribute to a lot of extent to her mood. She used to instantly start crying in the middle of the night when she had wet her diapers, and our sleep would go for a toss as she would not stop till the time her diapers were changed. Infact, In a recent survey conducted by Pampers called “Baby Got Moves”, ‘Waking up dry’ of babies emerged as a top factor in ensuring that babies started their day in a happy mood. And this in turn, impacted the mood of the mothers as well in the day. For instance, 74 percent of moms who participated shared the consensus that their baby’s smiling face was indeed the best thing they looked forward to in their morning. And 60% of them said that their baby’s mood in the morning impacts their won mood for the rest of their day.

However, most diapers only focus on being leak proof and ensure dryness on the outside. Only the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness for your baby on the inside. Its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that your baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. These diapers have 3 layers of absorbency versus only 2 in an ordinary diaper, which helps them stay up to 3 times drier. With the Ultra Absorb layer, These diapers offers outstanding leakage protection and flexes for a snug, comfortable fit all night long. Pampers diapers are softer inside and out to help your baby get the uninterrupted sleep he needs for a great morning. To see how Pampers contributes to a happy morning for you and your baby, check out this video below:

So to sum it up, if you want yourself and the baby to have a fun, uninterrupted sleep and great childhood, Pampers is the best and most reliable choice as it keeps babies dry, and as I found out, a dry baby is a happy baby!

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